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Jojoba & Camellia Balancing Cream - Jacqueline Evans

Jojoba & Camellia Balancing Cream - Jacqueline Evans

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Jojoba and Camellia Balancing Cream by naturopath Jacqueline Evans. This moisturiser is suitable for oily to normal skin.

If you are prone to oily skin tending to blemish you may be tempted to use harsh products that strip the skin of its precious oils leading to very oily areas and dry flaky skin. Moisturising the skin with plant based ingredients will gently bring the skin back to balance helping the body normalise its oil production and the skin to repair itself, so do not be tempted to avoid this essential step. This lightweight and fast-absorbing moisturising cream advances skin repair by balancing sebum production. Active ingredient, Beta Carotene, contains antioxidants and fights blemishes, while vitamins and essential fatty acids protect skin and promote elasticity. This non-greasy formula will leave skin feeling balanced and renewed. 

You won't find any nasties in this bottle - just the best natural and certified organic ingredients formulated with modern science to get results.

Made in Melbourne. Cruelty free & suitable for vegans.